How to Write Articles That Demand Readership

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How to Write Articles That Demand Readership

#1 Сообщение benstoke » Вс июн 19, 2022 9:24 am

You have 3-5 seconds to stop a reader and persuade him or her to read further. Here are five techniques I have used to (hopefully) stop readers in their tracks and lead them into the article.

Your headline is the key. Don't be cute. Don't use funny phrases. Don't confuse people. They turn the page faster than you can hit a key on your computer. With a headline that fits into their life. We all know some of the key action words such as love, hate, terror, mistakes. Use action words in your headline built around a subject that will probably interest many of the readers of that publication. Examples:

Five mistakes almost everybody makes to write my paper.

How to add an hour of free time to your day

That terror on the highway could be you!